Fire Extinguishers

Extinguishers are essential for the safety of your staff and visitors.

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Fire Alarms & Detection

We guide you through the complete process of design, installation and commissioning.

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Fire Risk Assessment

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister is responsible for Fire Safety legislation in the UK.

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Fire Safety Training

Our courses cover both classroom based training and 'hands-on' use of portable fire extinguishers..

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Your peace of mind?
Relax, we’ve got it covered…..

The responsibility for fire safety in your premises falls on the ‘Responsible person’ – usually the owner or occupier. This is laid down in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order which came into force in 2006.

As a BAFE registered company we are assessed by a UKAS accredited certification body to meet the requirements of the Schemes that define the standards necessary. We routinely invest in our skills so that you can meet your responsibilities.

Our Principles

Our business principles are vital. Our greatest asset is our reputation and the trust that others have in us. If we lose this trust, then we put at risk everything we have work so hard to achieve.

Honesty As individuals and as a corporate body, we ensure that we act with honesty and integrity within all our actions, commitments and promises.

Reliability We will not enter into agreement or make any promise or commitment that we do not truly believe that we can fulfil. We will always strive to exceed expectations

Quality We strive to work to the very highest of standards. Similarly, we have strict Industry, British and European Standards to work to. We take immense pride in the knowledge that quality of service has been the foundations of our successful business.

Flexibility We understand that our systems, processes and products are not pillars of rock specifically designed to suit our own requirements, but instead, need to be flexible, to ensure that we are able to meet our customers needs and expectations.