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Fire Safety Checklist for Care Homes

Drawing our care home fire safety series to a close, Fire Action have compiled the most important pieces of knowledge to form an essential ‘Fire Safety Checklist’. Here, we cover the questions you should be asking when it is time to create both risk assessments and Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs), providing handy templates for […]

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Fire Evacuation Procedure in a Care Home

Everyone has the right to be evacuated safely during an emergency. This includes the most vulnerable occupants of care homes, hospitals, and any other premises that contain people with impairments that could hinder their escape. Fire Evacuation Procedure in a Care Home Each and every fire situation is different. Therefore, each and every care home […]

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What Are the Fire Safety Regulations in Care Homes?

Caring for vulnerable adults doesn’t stop at food and comfort; the safety of the premises must also be considered to prevent emergencies. The effects of fire can be especially devastating. Fire Safety Regulations in Care Homes? That’s why government fire safety regulations for care homes provide an important framework to create effective fire safety strategies […]

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