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Office fire wardens assessing fire safety

How Many Fire Wardens Are Needed in an Office?

As a business owner, landlord or manager, fire safety is a part of your job that shouldn’t be overlooked. In...

Landlord Fined for Putting Tenants at Risk with Fire Safety Breaches

We put our trust in landlords, believing they will take the necessary measures to keep their tenants safe, but this...

Four NHS Trusts Declared Dangerous by Fire Chiefs

Hospitals are one of the main facilities that need to have up-to-date fire safety systems to ensure the security of...

Recycling Plant Fails to Follow Fire Prevention Plan

Recycling plants and waste management facilities have a responsibility to follow fire safety precautions, otherwise, things can go terribly wrong....

School Fire Regulations Explained

Fire safety is undeniably the number one most important consideration for a school. Over the years, government and regulatory bodies...
Fire Safety in Schools

Fire Safety in Schools

Though the way schools are run may differ in certain areas, the one commonality between them all is the sheer...

Pet Fire Safety: Fire safety Tips for Pet Owners

It is a sad fact, widely reported, that around 40,000 pets die each year in house fires. Even more worrying,...

What is the Fire Tetrahedron?

The fire tetrahedron is a geometric representation of the four factors necessary for igniting and sustaining a fire: What is...

Fire Safety Checklist

Whether you’re protecting your family or employees, fire safety is important in any and all settings. Learning why fire safety...

Fire Risk Assessment Checklist

Using a thorough fire risk assessment checklist means you won’t miss a thing when it comes time to fulfil your...

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