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Biometric Access Systems and Why They’re the Future

Posted in Access Systems Biometric Access Systems on 23 August 2021

Biometric Access Systems and why they’re the future

It’s no surprise that contactless access systems, such as face and retinal recognition, have been gaining more popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. Biometric access systems can offer a rapid method of contact-free identification access control – as well as outstanding security potential, too. All this makes them a wise choice for any commercial premises, especially with pandemic measures forecast to be with us for some time. 

4 Reasons Why Biometric Access Systems are the Future 

Allows for contact-free access 

Reports reveal that in Europe the market share for facial recognition is predicted to increase by 10% over the next 10 years*. This isn’t surprising. Facial recognition and retinal scanning are types of biometric access control that are completely contactless. This is superb in a world where hygiene is a hot topic, and where businesses have a duty to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus and other pathogens. Some biometric systems can also be coupled with temperature sensors, delivering a two-in-one system that not only minimises contact and boosts security, but can also pick up on potentially telltale high temperatures before a worker gains access to a building. Biometric systems can also include voice recognition technology, ideal for use in lifts, allowing for travel between floors without using buttons. 

Highly secure 

Anyone can lose a fob or tell somebody a code, leading to vulnerabilities in a building’s security. But nobody can replicate another’s face or fingerprint. And therein lies the beauty of biometric systems – they are incredibly secure and almost impossible to trick. As a result, you can be almost 100% sure that the person who has entered is who they say they are, and this reduces the likelihood of trespassers dramatically. 

Track COVID-positive employees 

Biometric systems can securely and authentically record exactly the time that a person enters and leaves a premises, and on what date. Not only is this excellent for security purposes, it’s also useful for precisely establishing when a COVID-positive staff member was in the building and which other employees were in those areas of the building at the same time. 

Can improve security for remote workers 

With workforces now switching the office for home, businesses want to be sure that only authorised persons are logging into the company system – and that’s why many companies have invested in multi-factor authentication systems for their remote workers, which may include biometric techniques. This has been in response to increased security risks that come from working at home, especially since hackers are developing new ways to discover passcodes. Biometrics is therefore a more secure option that is difficult to bypass and less susceptible to security breaches. Similarly, biometric systems allow for learning facilities, such as universities and colleges, to easily take attendance in a foolproof way – making sure that a student is who they say they are.

If these 4 points weren’t enough, the growth of the global biometric technologies market is set to grow year on year until at least 2027.

global biometric technologies marekti revenue growth graph

Want to discover more about how biometric access systems can benefit your business? Check out our previous blog post. 

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*Global Biometric Access Control Software Market Report, History and Forecast 2015-2026

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