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Fire Safety Checklist for Care Homes

Drawing our care home fire safety series to a close, Fire Action have compiled the most important pieces of knowledge...

Fire Evacuation Procedure in a Care Home

Everyone has the right to be evacuated safely during an emergency. This includes the most vulnerable occupants of care homes,...

What Are the Fire Safety Regulations in Care Homes?

Caring for vulnerable adults doesn’t stop at food and comfort; the safety of the premises must also be considered to...

Carrying Out Fire Risk Assessments in Care Homes

Fire risks are everywhere, from the types of materials present, to the layout of a premises. There are many factors...
gas burners in the darkness

Fire Safety in Care Homes FAQs

To accompany our article series on fire safety in care homes, Fire Action have put together these essential FAQs, covering...

Fire Safety in Care Homes: Fire Hazards in Care Homes

When it comes to fire safety in care homes and guarding the lives of vulnerable adults or elderly people, vigilance...

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