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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Fire Action Ltd is, and will continue to be, an important partner for you to ensure your fire & security compliance during this difficult period. We will continue to provide as uninterrupted a service as possible within the government guidelines, and will evolve our policies as the situation develops. We are also working closely with our supply chain partners to minimise downtime for reactive repairs and planned installations.

We recognize that fire compliance is a life safety issue under the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order (RRFSO), and that the security of your premises (when it may be unstaffed) is critical. As an employer, building owner or manager, or “Responsible Person” under the RRFSO, you are responsible for the fire safety of your premises and those who use them. Maintenance visits are still required to be carried out as far as possible to satisfy the requirements of the Order, your insurers and the relevant British Standards, in order to protect your customers, clients, tenants, employees and your premises.

Failure to comply with the Order may invalidate your insurance. If you are unfortunate enough to experience a fire, there is a potential for loss of life or further business disruption and these could lead to serious legal and financial implications.

During the coronavirus situation, you may have a skeleton team of staff in your offices, with parts of it unoccupied; or you may have residents confined to their rooms or apartments; or your premises may be empty – arguably all of these circumstances increase the risk to your premises from fire/theft.

We have provided our engineers with gloves, antibacterial gel and face masks and all staff will practice social distancing within your premises during their maintenance process, in conjunction with government advice and any site-specific advice or policies you may have.

Importantly, for our educational, medical, social housing and care-related clients, we may modify the service schedule to concentrate on the critical escape routes and communal areas of your premises to minimise risk to the occupants/residents – then we will look to complete the maintenance process for the rest of the premises once working practices are relaxed.

We sincerely wish you, our customers, your clients and employees, and all your families and friends the best at this difficult time for us all – and we are here, ready and waiting, if you need any specific assistance in any fire safety/security-related matter.

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COVID-19 Update

During the COVID-19 situation, Fire Action remain committed to offering our fire safety and security services to customers, helping you satisfy safety and insurance requirements throughout this uncertain time.

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