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What is the Fire Tetrahedron?

The fire tetrahedron is a geometric representation of the four factors necessary for igniting and sustaining a fire: What is the Fire Tetrahedron? Fuel – any substance that can combust Heat – heat energy sufficient to cause ignition Oxidizing agent – air containing oxygen Chemical chain reaction – sufficient reaction energy to produce ignition Fire […]

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Fire Safety Checklist

Whether you’re protecting your family or employees, fire safety is important in any and all settings. Learning why fire safety is vital, and what you can do to enforce it within your home and business, is a subject that everyone should familiarise themselves with. Here at Fire Action, we’ve spent 17 years providing premier fire […]

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Fire Risk Assessment Checklist

Using a thorough fire risk assessment checklist means you won’t miss a thing when it comes time to fulfil your legal obligations. When carried out to competent standards, these vital checks ensure your buildings remain as fire-safe as possible, helping to safeguard both lives and livelihoods. A checklist is a straightforward way to ensure you […]

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