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Fire Action offer a range of products and services to the retail sector. Whether a stand-alone shop or an expansive shopping centre, our business can significantly improve fire safety standards.

Shops can contain a vast array of goods, some of which are more flammable than others. It is important that these items are accounted for and that the necessary equipment is in place to promptly extinguish or contain the fire. Large shopping centres will accommodate a vast amount of shoppers, many of whom may be unfamiliar with the premises. Large, distinct, unimpeded evacuation points must be installed throughout the premises to ensure everyone gets out safely.

Hazards in the retail sector include:

Fire Action are an independent fire safety business, helping various sectors keep their business, customers and assets safe from fire. We supply a wide variety of services and products, including equipment from the industries most reliable brands. We are fully accredited with BAFE accreditations and have over 15 years of experience. In that time we’ve been tailoring our services to the specific needs of different industries.

Some of the products and services most suitable for the retail industry include:

To learn more about our retail fire safety services, get in contact with our team. We operate throughout Sidcup, Bromley and the region of Kent.

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