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Sectors we cover

Fire Action provide a variety of fire safety products and services that can benefit companies from a wide range of sectors. Our expertise and years of experience enable us to identify the most suitable services for specific industries.

The industries we cater for include:




Building sites can be noisy, messy and full of flammable materials. Our products and services aid in minimising hazards and improving evacuation measures, keeping workers across Kent safe on building sites.

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Health and Facilities

Hospitals and other health facilities are some of the most important establishments to safeguard from fires. Fire Action do just that by offering equipment and services that significantly reduce the threat of fires.

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The safety of students and staff is a priority for educational establishments. Our products and services provide a comprehensive plan to ensure students and staff are kept safe.

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Computers, wiring and papers are just some of the hazards found in a typical office. We offer a range of products and services to offices across Kent that improve fire safety standards in the workplace.

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Shops are full of flammable goods and first-time visitors. Safeguarding the premises is absolutely paramount to ensuring the welfare of your business and customers. We offer products and services that keep your establishment safe from fires.

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